Website Support Plans

Protect Your Investment
We offer the following Website Support Plans to help manage and protect your most valuable marketing tool – your website. With all of the time, money and effort put into creating a beautiful, functional website, shouldn’t you have a plan in place to protect it?

What’s Included in Updating
We will update any plugins, themes or the WordPress platform on a weekly basis or as they become available. Upon first review of any update, we will first perform a full backup of the website. This step will ensure that should any plugin or theme update not be compatible, we will have quick access to the backed up files to quickly restore your website.

Peace of Mind
We take the hassle of constant updating off your shoulders and into our hands. With technology changing rapidly, it’s become more demanding to keep up with the latest updates. And with new viruses and hackers coming onto the scene everyday, there are tips and tricks to help ensure your site is protected.

Which Plan is Right For You
We have 3 different plans to choose from whether you are an entrepreneur just starting your business website or you already have a website but no time to update and put security measures in place.

Please note:
These plans do NOT include email support. Upon review of your interest, you will be sent a contract to sign. We accept PayPal or by check in full for one year. Payment must be received before plan coverage. Should any issues arise during the update and backup process, you will be notified, and we will suggest a course of action (subject to a $90/hour charge upon approval). Plan options are subject to change as needed and as technical resources are updated.

5K Support Plan

  • Automated weekly or monthly backups and updates of your site (all files including database are saved to Dropbox or Google Drive and kept for one month)
  • Convenient payment through PayPal**
I'm interested in a 5K Plan!

Ultra-Marathon Support Plan

  • All of the features in the Half Marathon Plan plus:
  • All in One WP Security (user account and login security, user registration and database security, blacklist and firewall security)
  • Uptime Monitoring (tracks any uptime or downtime of your site)
I'm interested in an Ultra Marathon plan!

**PayPal must be paid in full for one-year and you must already have a confirmed PayPal account.