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About the Company

Inspired by the clients who turn their passions into success, I’ve combined my love of running with my passion for design. 26 Point 2 Designs is the result.

Based in Tucson, Arizona, 26 Point 2 Designs collaborates with a team of talented professionals with expertise in SEO, marketing, social media, content marketing, web development and design, and branding. Clients make important decisions about who to hire for their needs, and they choose 26 Point 2 Designs because we get to know them, what motivates them to succeed, why they’re in the business they are in. We meet, we exchange ideas, and we discuss goals and project budget. I am fortunate to experience clients from all walks of life and their professional endeavors – whether astrology, water therapy and massage, or personal coaching.

About Jennifer’s philosophy and approach:

Running and eating...two of my favorite things!

Running and eating…two of my favorite things!

I am proud that many of my clients have become my best marketers. It’s an honor to know that they would refer me to their colleagues. I believe they do this because they enjoy the working relationship, appreciate my approach to the project, and know that I am there to help them be the best.

I tend to approach design much like I approach purchasing a new running shoe. I look for the best running shoe, one that fits and works well with my running environment. I want one that provides stability, easily absorbs shock, and gives me the support I need over the long haul. And I don’t skimp on running shoes; I go to an expert.

The same approach applies to promotional design – you want a design that’s compelling in order to sell a product, a design that helps you create an identity, invites someone to take a course of action, and a design that showcases your business. While a promotional design should be pretty, it should also be functional.

Good design is about technology as well as art. At 26 Point 2 Designs, we consider who your audience is, how you can best target that demographic, and the best design and web tools to use while also keeping up with the latest trends and technology. We help bridge the gap between development and design, between research and purchase, to assure that your design is not just another pretty picture, but actually takes you where you want to be.