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Like a new pair of running shoes, a brand won’t fit if it doesn’t take you the extra mile.

From website development and design, new business collateral, marketing strategies and social media integration, we focus on your company needs. We believe that design is more marathon than a sprint, and our focus and expertise is there with you for the long run. At 26 Point 2 Designs, we consider who your target audience is, how you can best target that demographic, and the best design and web tools to use while also keeping up with the latest trends and technology. Why Choose 26 Point 2 Designs? We help bridge the gap between development and design, between research and purchase, to assure that your design is not just another pretty picture, but actually takes you where you want to be. Based in beautiful Tucson, Arizona, there is no shortage of creative inspiration!


Your message is as strong as your brand, and if you’re not communicating that message, it might be time to rethink and revise your strategies. At 26 Point 2 Designs, we will work with you to rethink your branding through research, focus groups and creative endeavors. In addition, we offer a variety of design services – from print and web to marketing and social media. Click here to learn more about our services and how we can help you.

First, you need to know how awesomely talented and wonderful you are. This cookbook has far exceeded my expectations, and I think we’re onto something terrific. Thank you for suggesting this endeavor and making this happen. You are a true embodiment of the Homestretch Foundation’s creed: Together we all move forward. Thank you so much. You’re a rockstar! – Kathryn Bertine, Homestretch Foundation

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